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We’re marketing and communication consultants, but we believe we’re like no others. We blaze our own trails because we prefer being followed to being followers.

Our principal strength is in consulting and planning, but we can also implement what we conceive. Recently, we’ve been focusing on online marketing: mainly websites, social media and online sales. Though we’re at our best when it comes to internet-oriented questions, together with our subcontractors we can solve any marketing issues a company may find itself facing.

István Kővári Lámpa

Kővári IstvánManaging Director

He has been working in the marketing profession for 15 years, but nowadays his job
mainly focuses on marketing strategy and PR. He’s the one who comes up with most of
the words we write. He’s still not entirely delighted about having management, finance, administration and sales as his main issues and not having enough time for marketing

O outsourcing de impressão é basicamente o mesmo que locação de impressoras, porém uma das coisas que diferem locação de impressoras são o uso de soluções de impressoras embutido no serviço locação de impressoras, unindo os dois, ai sim configura-se outsorcing de impressão.

and learning.

István is happiest when a new gadget or application is introduced, and he can connect these to an old gadget or application. He’s hell-bent on retiring early and spending his
time enhancing his skills in tinkering in his workshop and gardening. Until such a time arrives, he’ll keep on reading sci-fi and not letting go of his iPhone.

Email: istvan.kovari(a)atman-marketing.hu
Cell: +36 20 9 309 979
Gtalk: istvan.kovari
Skype: istvan.kovari



Judit AkaiOnline Marketing Consultant

When it comes to internet marketing, Judit takes the lead. She sizes up needs, performs situation analyses, creates strategies and plans architectures and wireframes. Together with a designer, she drafts the design and briefs the copywriter and the developer. All the while, she closely follows developments in the online marketing sector in order to relentlessly expand the company knowledge base.

Judit is a born idealist who believes that the world can be a better place. She meditates every day and absolutely has to run at least 20 km every week. For her, cinema is magic and theater is a miracle. She might travel thousands of kilometers for a good play. Once she shook hands with David Lynch and held a koala in her hands (those were two different events).

Email: judit.akai(a)atman-marketing.hu
Gtalk: judit.akai
Skype: akaij2008

Akai Judit


Kővári István Mobil

Zsolt RiskóJunior Consultant

Zsolt is also at home in the online world. His job is to make precise wireframe designs, write up specifications, and coordinate with any one of our 32 subcontractors throughouts the development phase. Generally e-dm, e-newsletter and link-building projects fall to him. His favorite office activity is brainstorming.

He devours movies and plays, especially in the thriller and horror genres. He feels he has to go to a big concert once or twice a year, so he does. If he had the chance, he would go to Twin Peaks for his vacation.

Email: zsolt.risko(a)atman-marketing.hu
Cell: +36 30 465 7450
Skype: Risko_Zsolt

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