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About us

We’re marketing and communication consultants, but we believe we’re like no others. We blaze our own trails because we prefer being followed to being followers. This literally is a risky business but also thrilling and comes with a lot of surprises.

The last years we spent with lead generation and online sales support but we still can solve any marketing problem a small and medium sized business may face. We can handle brand images, CRM customizations, Facebook Ads, really, really different marketing activities.

We no longer follow the structure of traditional agencies: we have become a loosely connected group of independent professionals who “come together” for a project. That’s why we can provide each customer what they want… or even more, something that gets them to  their business goals.

Kővári István

executive director

István is the founder of our company, and the one being involved in most of our projects.

He has been working in the marketing profession for more than 20 years. After getting a degree in journalism, he spent many years in public relations just to find himself in account and project management roles. Recently, he has been consulting more and more. Leadgen is where his heart is, though. And measurability and reports.

As a father, he has less time left to read sci-fi and home improvement, but he still plays music - and more recently, he’s been obsessing over stocks and investments.



Dr. Eszter Várda

business development director

Although she graduated in law, she has never worked as a lawyer. She found a job in the business sector right after the university and worked as a saleswoman, a sales manager, then as a managing director,, mainly in media and IT companies.

Her beautiful little son has recently turned 3, so she spends her most of her days on playgrounds, beaches and baby capoeira classes instead of press conferences and meetings. In her free minutes, she practices yoga and reads sci-fi.






Dániel Leiszen

chief technology officer

He started programming on a Commodore 64 when he was 6 and his life has been about coding ever since. He worked as a developer, a senior developer, then as a freelance programmer building ERP systems for larger and larger companies. Recently, he has stopped developing for large companies and started work for his own businesses and start-ups.

In his free time, he plays the drums, practices meditation, aikido, makes homemade dried fruits, bakes pizza, but above all he exchanges his views with others... about utopias, dystopias, cryptocurrencies, democracy and spirituality. He was featured in a television ad at the age of 11 but that was hist first and last time in show business.




Ivett Sipos 

online marketing consultant

She graduated as an economist and has been working in marketing for more than 16 years. She held market research and event organization positions first, then her focus changed to tourism and tourism marketing (she teaches, organizes and guides even today), and only in the last couple of years did she develop interest in digital devices. And now we mainly have PPC, social and leadgen tasks for her.

Her mind is always on creating something new - if she’s not supporting expecting Mothers as a doula, she’s designing her shoes.






Your name

your fancy new position

We are constantly looking for seasoned marketing experts to join our team of professionals working remotely.

We are getting busier every month, and need new people for our lead generation, PPC and other online marketing projects for our SME and small-scale multinational clients. 

Our colleagues shall be smart, trustworthy and have a decent sense of humour. These are must-haves. The rest is negotiable.


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