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We love online advertising. On the one hand, the story is simple: the ad will be published, if you are interested in, you gonna click on, download, register, and so on. On the other hand, it can be really complex if we analyze, make plans, create targets, revamp, then re-analyze and so on.

Many people sit back when they see a lot of clicks coming in, but that has never been enough for us. We say an ad campaign is successful when it reaches its predefined goal, even if it is a specific registration number, reaching a certain target audience, or a well-defined return.

After assessing the goal and needs, we develop a concept, and once approved by the client, we write advertising, site and other text, create graphic designs, create advertising accounts, set up the ads. Once your ads are up and running, we review the results regularly and revamp the system if necessary and then generate reports.


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