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Project Management

Many clients wonder why we mention project management as a separate item in our offers. According to one of KPMG’s surveys at least one project in 70% of the companies surveyed has failed in the last 12 months. That's why.

Companies are usually not prepared to conduct a major marketing project. In a well-organized business, everyone has their own role and doesn’t have the time to spend several hours a week or even a day on a new project. In addition, most people do not understand certain areas of marketing, so they have no idea how much time should be left for a task, how to brief specialists, or what an acceptable solution could be for a given marketing task.

We love projects that last a few months up to a year but we also have assignments that run several years as well as projects recurring every year to ensure the perfection of existing systems.

We have already had separate marketing project management assignments but we usually undertake PM tasks together with other professional content, mostly with consulting activities. You can read more about our consulting services here.


A website is still the most important tool in the virtual life of a company. There is not much sense in being on the internet without a professionally built website.

We believe that building a website is much more than just programming it: we believe that – in website building projects, too – the most important phase is planning. When we plan websites we take strategy, usability, and search engine optimization into consideration, just to name the most important aspects.

In the planning phase, we create an ideal site map and wireframes for each of the pages. Then we do graphics, compose written content, and develop the website. Usually we work with freelance graphic designers and developers, which demands disciplined project management.

Landing pages used in online sales, on the other hand, are not usually developed individually, but we use specialized services.

Online advertising

We create both display ads and pay per click ads. 

For PPC, we usually run Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. First we select the appropriate keywords with which to run the optimized keyword targeted ads, or - with other social media - we define target groups. Then we compose text for ads and finally set them up in the relevant social media accounts. We continuously follow up, analyze, and evaluate results, and then fine tune the campaign accordingly.

Of course, ads are not there just for fun. So usually we create a landing page to collect registrations. We usually motivate visitors to register with special offers, sweepstakes, or free downloads.

Social Media

It was love with social media at first sight… like 10 years ago. Then we novelty wore off when we realized there is not always return on social media investments.

So like with any other marketing activity, we first define goals, target groups, content, and available resources for what we wish to communicate. After formulating the strategy, we establish social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts. The social media accounts are created uniquely for each company, and if needed we add in special design and development work.

However, the tough work really starts afterwards: collecting information, posting, commenting – managing the social media presence. But we’re happy to do this, because we are always online on social media anyway.

E-newsletter, E-DM

We think that direct communication with existing and potential customers is still one of the best ways to spend a company’s marketing budget.

If a company has a relatively small number of potential customers, we always recommend direct marketing, mainly its electronic version. In these projects, whether an e-newsletter or e-dm, we select the most suitable newsletter solution, make design, write text and send out the e-mails, then analyze and evaluate results, and prepare reports.

Online and offline PR

We have spent over many, many years about public relations. Nowadays, traditional media contacts can’t be separated from online PR, so normally we offer both to our customers.

We have great experience in all classic media relations tools: writing press releases, bylined articles and quotes, organizing press events, operating press offices, setting up media monitoring and analysis. We are proud to be able to create high quality white papers, case studies and other large contents. With the assistance of our native English-speaking editors, we can do all of this in English, too.

Misc services

When we founded our company, our original vision was to deliver outsourced marketing to SMBs because we believed we could solve everything better, cheaper than a “marketing generalist” in employment.

Over the years our focus has shifted to online projects: online sales, online marketing, online consulting. Nevertheless the know-how and network have remained and we are still able to solve almost any type of marketing task that companies may need.

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