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David Spine Clinic

David Spine Clinic David Spine Clinic David Spine Clinic David Spine Clinic David Spine Clinic David Spine Clinic

In 2008, our old friends at David Spine Clinic asked us to renovate their website. We suggested taking it a step further and instead of concentrating only on the website, we figured out how they could sell on the internet.

The leads come from two sources in their online sales channel. One of them is Google Ads for which visitors who click on their advertisements arrive at a simple site known as a landing page, where they register. The other source is search engines, which direct visitors to the new, search-engine-optimized website, where visitors may also register. We built the website so that every single detail would help registration, thus sales.

After 2008, we managed their Google Ads ads for years and we also refined their Spine Clinic site - most recently in 2017 we implemented a facelift.

We took a number of smaller projects, too with David Spine Clinic: we made them a new logo, a new slogan, a flyer, a molino, PR articles, display ads, we built a link for them.

Their website and ads bring reliably new patients every month for the past decade.


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