Privacy policy

Atman marketing Llc. hereby informs visitors and users of its website about the applied practices on data management, organizational and technical arrangements made by the company in connection with data protection, and about the rights and the way of exercising these rights by all affected parties.1. Data manager

The data manager is atman marketing Limited Liability Company (registered seat: Budapest, 1114, Villányi str. 6. III. em. 26; registered by the Metropolitan Court of Company Registration, Budapest, under Nr. 01-09-899118), hereinafter referred as “atman marketing” or “company”.

2. Managed data

Users voluntary give their live email-addresses and other personal data (for example name, phone number, website address, etc.)

3. Purpose of data management

Personal data described in clause 2 may be used by atman marketing exclusively for contact with the users and for informing them about any kind of business activity. Visitors, by their registration, authorize atman marketing to record, manage and use their personal data related to the purposes specified above.

Data manager may not use personal data for any other purposes not described in this clause.

4. Period of data management

Registered data will be stored until the registered user initiates their deletion.

5. Persons accessing the personal data

1) The data manager
2) The agent entrusted by data manager to process the personal data (hereinafter referred as data processor). Data processor accesses the personal data specified above exclusively for the purpose of processing them and is not authorized for any other use or forwarding.

Data manager may not share personal data with any other third persons, except in extraordinary cases, when data forwarding shall be performed based on legal prescriptions. Before this kind of data forwarding data manager shall in each instance examine whether the data forwarding expected by authorities is legally binding or not.

6. User rights related to the management of their personal data

Data specified in clause 2 will be recorded in the course of the registration. Data management is legally based on the voluntary approval of the persons involved.

Users are authorized to request information at any time regarding the management of their personal data given by them at the website. After receiving such a request, atman marketing shall give all relevant information regarding the managed data, the purpose of data management, its legal basis, period, and the name, registered seat and data processing activity of the data processor and also regarding any third persons and authorities who have also received the personal data and the reason for sharing personal data with them. Information requests shall be sent to the email address.

Users are authorized to ask for the correction or deletion of their personal data. This request shall be sent to the email address. At the time of deletion all personal data of the user will be destroyed without the possibility of restoration.

7. Ways of exercising the users’ rights

Users who presume that operators of the website have violated their rights on personal data protection can apply to a civil court or to the data protection commissioner. Act Nr. LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of information of public interest contains the regulation related to these legal processes and the obligation of the data manager and data processor.